Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tea with Frosty!

It finally looks like Christmas here in Minnesota. We had our first real snowfall last Sunday night, it was a real nightmarish drive into work for my hubby Monday morning. (3 plus hours!) But the magical white outside inspired me to work on a new pattern for the holidays. A sweet mug rug! Tea with Frosty is sure to delight anyone on Santa's list! Let me show you how quickly this went together! I bet you have fabric in your stash you could use right now! For the background and backing all you need is a fat quarter!
I start out with an 8" x 10" fabric rectangles for the front and backing. I also cut an 8" x 10" piece of batting.

I then trace all my applique pieces onto my heat n bond lite, iron them onto my fabric and then cut them all out. I follow the design placement sheet on where to put everything. Some of the elements will overlap.

After I iron everything in place I pin the front, batting and backing together.
As I do my applique stitch, it will also quilt my mug rug at the same time.

Belvedere is sure keeping an eye on me as I stitch away.

Here you can see me stitching away....

I'm ready to sew on my binding. I didn't quilt the background but if you want it will add a special touch to your mug rug.

After I stitch my binding in place I then sew on the buttons to embellish the Tea with Frosty mug rug. I use pearl cotton to embroider Frosty's eyes and mouth.

All ready to surprise someone on my gift list!
I've been trying to sneak in some sewing time in the afternoons. I don't always make it down to the studio, but it is so peaceful when I do. It's sorta nice to unplug and work on some Christmas projects. Belvedere is getting used to hanging out with me in the studio. I can usually find him tucked under my desk. 

Have a wonderful day!
Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

            I love to bake and with the Holidays just around the corner, my kitchen has been a busy place. The smells of chocolate and vanilla have been warming my home. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is fondly known in my family as 'Cookie Day'. My mom started this tradition years ago after grandma passed away. My grandma loved to bake and is fondly known for all of the goodies she used to make. We loved her mocha bars and have yet to find a recipe that lives up to hers, hers wasn't written down, she cooked from memory as many good cooks did in her time... Cookie day is when my sisters and I all get together and bake at mom's house. (I have four sisters... so it's a houseful!) We all gather with our shopping bags of ingredients, mixers, baking pans and recipes. It's a marathon of baking! We get sooooo much done and it's such a thrill to see my nieces and nephews help with the baking and cookie decorating too. I am known for my caramel and that is the first thing I always make. I make 8 batches and my nieces and nephews help me wrap it all. Of coarse there's complimentary caramel tasting as they wrap. For many years I would toil over the oven stirring my caramel, praying to god that it wouldn't scorch. If it scorched, I'd throw in pecans. Needless to say, I had many batches with pecans. A few years ago I found my Microwave Caramel recipe and I love it! It doesn't scorch! A perfect batch every time!!! You may have to adjust your microwave time depending on the strength of your oven. For my mom's microwave I add 3 minutes...

I don't shape mine as wreaths, they are just a pretty blob of goodness. They don't last very long on the cookie tray. The kids love them! I like them because they are quick and easy to make and with so many bakers at mom's house, I try not to have 'baked' recipes so that the oven is free for my sisters and nieces. 
~Cookie Day 2016~
Christmas goodies are always good with tea and served on a mug rug! Wouldn't it be wonderful to surprise your family and friends with an adorable holiday mug rug and some homemade goodies like my Microwave caramels!
Tea with Frosty mug rug is also a fun secret santa gift. Wouldn't it be delightful to surprise your secret santa with a sweet treat and a special mug rug for their coffee? The PDF pattern for Tea with Frosty can be found in my Etsy shop and also on the Quilt Doodle website as an instant PDF download

I'm also having a little giveaway, leave a sweet comment about your favorite Christmas Cookie. Follow me for a second chance. Winner will win a PDF copy of a pattern of their choice from Quilt Doodle Designs. (You can check out the Quilt Doodle Website or my Etsy shop for ideas)

I hope that you have fun hopping around! So many wonderful recipes!
I get to share today with these lovely ladies!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

December's Here! BOM 2017 Wrap Up....

It's hard to believe... December is here. This year has sure flown by! It's time to wrap up this year's BOM. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or a diet coke... this posting is going to be a bit long. I have so much to show you! If you have your blocks all sewn together with the border, you can get it all ready to quilt.  Or.... you can add the fun curvy bias edge in the border. When I originally designed this quilt I was planning on making this decorative edge using green fabric. In fact it's listed on your supply sheet. When I reached the point of adding this, I didn't like using just the plain green... I decided to use bits and pieces of fabric I had left to make my bias 'tape'. I have general directions to make Bias Binding on my website. It's a PDF that is downloadable on my website. It can be found under my Quilting Fun tab. This bias tape is wonderful to make up and have on hand.

To make a scrappy bias binding you will first need to piece all of your scraps together to form a 'sheet' that measures approximately 40" x 40" give or take a few inches... I used 4 , quarter yards of fabric of four of my fabrics... I also press all of my seams open to cut down on the bulk in the seam..

I needed to square up my fabric.... you can see I have some excess to cut off....

Then cut your square in half corner to corner to form two large triangles.

Lay the two triangles, right sides together lining up 'straight edges'. (Not the diagonal edges.) 

Machine stitch a 1/4" seam along this edge. You are making a parallelogram.

You can sorta see the parallelogram here.... 

Along the bias edge, mark a line of the width of your bias strip.
Looks like I cut mine to be 2 1/4" wide.

Cut about 6"....

You then will join the top and bottom edges together (these are cut on the straight of the grain, not the bias sides) right sides together. Sew a 1/4" seam. You are making a bias tube.

Use the loose bias strip as a guide to continue cutting your continuous bias strip. As you can see I have a smaller cutting matte inside my fabric tube so that I can use my rotary cutter to cut my strip. Keep cutting your continuous bias strip until the bias tube is all 'used up'...

In no time you will have a beautiful pile of bias binding! I then iron it in half lengthwise.

No onto the tricky part.... making the curving edge. I marked my border with pins to show where the unfinished edge of my bias tape should line up. If you have a 'scallop' template, you can also use that. I referred to the quilt layout sheet as a guide.

I then sew on my bias binding lining it up with my 'line' for the scalloped edge. I am sewing a 1/4" seam. Remember the binding is folded in half. 

After you have sewn the binding scallop all the way around the quilt. It's now time to fold it over on itself. 

I then topstitch the edge down using a buttonhole or blanket stitch that is found on my machine. The same stitch that I used to sew the Dresden plates onto my blocks. 

After I've sewn all the way around, I then sew on the other side of my binding strip using the same stitch.
Here's a close up photo showing you my stitches.
I then sent my quilt off to be quilted by a gal I met at one of my guild presentations. Her name is Mary. A super nice gal who is from my old hometown that I graduated from. She remembered my husband and sister-in-law who had grown up in the small farming community. I felt pretty good giving her my 'baby' to quilt. I just told her that I wanted a scalloped edge, other than that she had full reign as to how to quilt this quilt. 

I am looking forward to showing off this beauty when I am out and about doing my trunk show. I love sharing my trunk show with guilds.

Patterns can be found on the Quilt Doodle website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month). Did you miss a pattern along the way? The past monthly patterns can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops for a small fee.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's BOM 2017 quilt. I'm still struggling with a name for this beautiful quilt, so if you have an idea, please leave me a comment!

I am also planning on writing this up into a complete pattern set, it should be out in a month or two.  Do stayed tuned and mark your calendars, a NEW BOM will be on the way January 1, 2018!

I've been busy, busy, busy.... not only have I been sewing for the holidays, but I have also been planning next year's BOM. It's really hard to believe that 2018 is right around the corner! It is closer then we think,  it'll be here before you know it!  It's so hard to keep secrets, but I can tell you I have SNOW much fun planned for 2018! I hope that you are able to join me for the 2018 block of the month quilt! Let me tell you a little bit about this FUN BOM. Well, as you can see from the logo above, I'm using 'jewel tones' for this quilt. I am also using flannel so it'll be so warm and snuggly when it's all done. There will be some applique. I am doing my usual heat n bond method. I will also be offering some extra postings for you wool workers out there too! This BOM will be offered the first of every month. Like always, it's FREE for the month that the block is out, then there's a small fee if you have to play catch up to get the block. To make sure that you don't miss any of it,  join my mailing list. Not only will you get all of the BOM 2018 postings and updates, but you will also hear about all sorts of other fun quilty goodness too!

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If you would like to post this image on your website or blog to spread the word. Please grab the image above and link it to my blog.

          Thank you for following along with this years BOM! I hope that you had as much fun as I did!
Happy quilting!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Snuggly Warm Ice Fishing!

I am surrounded by boys, well, men. My boys are all grown up and they love to fish. Especially my oldest son, John. He will fish no matter what the weather or how cold it is outside! He pretty much fishes year round... I was encouraged when he told me, that designs a winner mom! It's not often that my boys comment on my quilt designs. So it made me smile knowing he likes my 'Let's Go Ice Fishing' applique pattern. I am slowly getting better with my wool applique. My blanket stitches are getting better and aren't as wonky anymore. For this project, I gathered my Let's Go Ice Fishing pattern, some wool, pins, pearl cotton, freezer paper, pencil and my Primo Plaid flannel from Marcus Fabrics.  I traced all my pieces onto my freezer paper. Then I ironed on the freezer paper onto the different colors of wool and cut my shapes out for my snowman design.

I used cream thread from Valdini Threads to stitch around the snowman body and the 'snow'.

Here you can see my buttonhole stitches. 

I used a dark brown variegated pearl cotton to stitch around everything else. The snowman's arms are stitched using a backstitch. A backstitch is also used to make the 'flap' on his pockets. French knots are used to make the buttons.

Everything is stitched! I even added a carrot nose button to the snowman's face.

I decided that I would turn this sweet design into a pillow...

I cut an assortment of different Primo Plaid flannel into 1 1/2" strips to sew around my center Let's Go Fishing appliqued block.

As you can see, I sewed the strips around the block in a Log Cabin style. I also wanted it to look scrappy. You could easy just stop here and turn this into a mini quilt or table topper. But I decided to turn mine into a pillow...

Then I added a 2 1/2" strip all the way around to make a 'flanged' pillow....

Here I have my pillow front layered with the back, right sides together. I have sewn around the edge with a 1/4" seam. I then trim the corners and turn it right side out.

Then I stitch, in the ditch between the pillow top front and the flange. Leaving a 2-3" opening so that I can stuff the pillow. After the pillow is stuffed I complete sewing the seams on the inner flange and also close the opening on the edge.

I'm in love with how it turned out. It's going to be an adorable addition to my family room downstairs. It's all decorated with all things 'cabin' and a few snowmen here and there. This pillow will fit right in! This would be a cute project to decorate a cabin with. It's a cozy design. Working on this project made me pretty excited about more of the possibilities working with wool and using my designs. So next time you work with one of my applique designs, think outside the box and stitch it in wool. 

Happy quilting,
My fishermen...